For bookings please contact Yer Nana via the contact page. All fees are dependant on set length, dates, event types, equipment needed/available and distance so please be as detailed as possible.

Yer Nana pride themselves on their professionalism and experience. The band use no external agencies, no managers and no booking agents. This allows the band and venues to work as closely as possible making sure both parties are more than happily with the arrangements for your event. Venues will be dealing directly with the members of the band.

Yer Nana can customise what they do to suit your event perfectly. If you don’t have any other bands playing that night then Yer Nana can play an exciting 3 hour set that will wow your audiences. If your event is aimed at a less rock friendly audience then Yer Nana can perform their acoustic set. In the past Yer Nana have even organised a YerNana-oke allowing members of the crowd an opportunity to come up on stage and sing their favourite Nirvana songs with the band.

sampleposterAll events that Yer Nana participate in are customised to suit the venue’s needs. They work closely with all venues to help promote the event using various social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Posters can also be designed if needed.

Yer Nana are able to supply a PA system, although this will affect the overall fee. The band prefer to use their own sound engineer when playing in larger venues. When this is the case our sound engineer will contact the venue beforehand to make arrangements.